Navajo Village Tours

Group 1

We have two different tours for you to choose from here at the Navajo Village Heritage Center this summer. Each is unique and filled with adventure, entertainment, and learning. One is more in-depth than the other, but whichever you choose, you will not be disappointed.

Tour #1:


During the summer months, the Navajo Village Heritage Center will be open to do walk-in tours from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM Arizona Time. You are also welcome to schedule appointments for this tour.

This tour will be approximately 20-30 minutes long and simply scratch the surface of all the amazing things there are to discover here.

We hope that you will want to stay for our evening Grand Tour and discover even more about the Navajo Culture.

Tour #2:

The Grand Tour is definitely something you won’t want to miss! This is the ultimate tour here at the Navajo Village Heritage Center where you will receive the most information AND have the most fun.

This tour will go into detail about the Navajo Culture, you will tour the traditional structures we have on site, and you will enjoy the incredible Native American Pow Wow dancing that will be performed.

Here at the Navajo Village we are lucky enough to have TWO World Champion Hoop Dancers!

This tour begins at approximately 5:00 PM Arizona Time.


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