4 dancers Professional

We have two World Champion Hoop Dancers here at The Navajo Village.


Alluri Chee

Alluri is 12 years old and has been dancing the Northern Traditional dance since he was 5 years old. He is from a pow wow family who loves to travel down the pow wow highway. He often places 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at these events.

Erin Hunt

Erin is 14, and has been dancing jingle since she was 4. There are 2 types of dances for jingle, the strait style and the old style. Erin has decided to dance the old style jingle and does a beautiful job here at The Navajo Village.

Shali Chee

Shali started dancing at the age of 3. She began as a jingle dress dancer, but decided that she wanted to do fancy shawl at the young age of 5. She likes it very much because of all the beautiful colors and the representation of the butterfly. Shali is now 10.

Jerry Hunt

Jerry just recently started doing the hoop dance a few months ago, and is already a fantastic hoop dancer. He trains every day in hopes of one day following in his older brother’s foot steps of being a world champion hoop dancer. Tomas is his older brother. Jerry is 8 years old.

Tomas Hunt

Tomas started doing the Grass Dance at age 4. Then began to try other dances such as the Fancy Dance and Hoop Dance. At 14 years old Tomas began to really enjoy the Hoop Dance, and in February of last year, 4 years later, he took 3rd place at the World Champion Hoop Dance Competition in the teen category.

Joseph Secody

Joseph began doing the Grass Dance as soon as he could walk. He is a very accomplished dancer. He then picked up the Hoop Dance just 8 months before the 2015 World Champion Hoop Dance Competition and took 6th place in the adult category. He has now been dancing for 11 months.


Wally Brown

Wally is our most cherished presenter. He grew up on the Navajo reservation and is a full-blooded Navajo. He had 9 brothers and 3 sisters and took on a lot of responsibility


Charlene Hunt



Bonnie Brown

Bonnie has been involved in The Navajo Village since it’s beginnings and has loved every minute of it. She works very hard to bring new and fresh ideas to the table and has run The Village up until this year when Tomas Hunt became the manager. She continues to be extremely involved and very supportive of all that goes on here.


Shane Brown

Shane is the son of Bonnie and Wally Brown. He has been involved with The Navajo Village since 1996 when it was first created. He works on the financial and managerial side of things. He now lives in St. George, Utah with his wife and son and loves it there. He has a passion for the Navajo Culture and a strong desire to keep it alive. He is currently writing a book in an attempt to do exactly that.