The Beginnings of The Navajo Village

The Navajo Village started when three families noticed a need to preserve the Navajo Culture. The Navajo Village is 100% owned by Navajo People.

Our most cherished presenter and the original creator of the Navajo Village, WallyDSCN0357 Brown, has spent his life understanding the Navajo Culture. He has spent countless hours researching the deeper meanings that are not found anywhere else in the World.

Wally’s¬†presentation has been heard by thousands of people who have come from all over the world to experience the Navajo Village and walk in beauty. In addition to The Navajo Village, Wally has traveled to several locations in the western United States to share that which is dear to his heart.

Here at The Navajo Village, we have two World Champion Hoop Dancers. Tomas Hunt is from right here in Page, Arizona. Joseph Secody is originally from Kaibito, Arizona. The Hoop Dance is not meant to be danced with more than one person at a time, so they each offer unique performances which they have worked very hard on from a young age. To learn more, click HERE.